Free Eshop Cards

Hey, this is kinda weird but there’s a great way to get Free eShop Cards for the Wii U. Many people use this method to get things completely free. Personally I have earned over $600 in rewards and you can too, just by following this guide. I am very excited to share this and it’s always a good idea to start now then later. The contest and jackpots are always entertaining none the less.

Choose a eShop Card!

What are eShop Cards?

I have used these codes to purchase games in the Wii U eShop, such as Super Mario 64.


This website is pretty easy but it takes a bit of effort. You should know that this is a guide about our sponsor But honestly every new user should be able to earn $15 on their first day. Now obviously not everyone is an expert and it will take time to learn the ins & outs. Just remember to be patient as you will notice every users has a Rank title on the site which means they actually reach their goal and got a reward.

How to get started?

I am going to be providing you with a tutorial on how you can earn any amount of eShop Cards that you want, just check your account balance and once you have earned enough and then get it. Basically every new user has to create an account, these accounts will help track your earning and your rewards. You only need to verify email address after you sign up!

Join Now!

This email is what you’ll be using to earn eShop cards and any other reward of your choice.

Is this Safe? has given out over thousands of dollars in rewards and the time processing to get your rewards is very quick, 3 days at the most to get a reward. This method is also very legit and real. If you’re still a skeptic, you can take a look at the many rewards redeemed by the community. I strongly recommend you read this entire guide as you are NOT required to download any software to prevent chances of virus and malware.

Best way to earn?

You can earn high amount of cash through surveys, they range from $.75 to about $9 each. This is the method I mostly recommend and they also have tips right under each blue link on the page that will help you get the most amounts of earnings a day. Such as always use real info, don’t rush and read everything carefully, clear your browser’s cookies to increase chances of crediting from offers. Here is a video game related survey to start off with, it’s very easy to complete.

Also try some offers, however before we start you should probably consider making a new email, so your primary email doesn’t get spammed. For these just enter in your email and they usually credit instantly. A popular offer is called Rewardtv which credits instantly and doesn’t take very long to complete. Rewardtv is instruction indicate you must sign up with your info (make sure it’s not fake) and play two trivia games. Most new users do first since these trivia games are about tv shows that are currently airing. has many ways to earn points like Coin Offers, Paid to Click Offers, and all you need to do is interact with the websites to get points. Note: Using different emails are allowed, just make sure they’re not fake emails!

Quick and Easy Tips

If you are just a couple of points away from your reward, you could watch videos or take part in the daily poll for easy points. You can login everyday to answer the daily poll for 1 point, try to answer them all in for an added challenge.

What can I get for Free?

As I said above this website is legit they have proof everywhere and even a testimonial wall and Look what I got sub forums. A lot of members redeem popular gift cards and game cards like, Steam Cards, Minecraft Game Cards, and Itunes. You can also get Amazon and Paypal. These rewards are email delivered within 1-2 days but high ranked members can instantly redeem the codes.

Personal information?

You do NOT have to give out your home address even when registering to the website. Most commonly gift cards and game codes will be sent to your email. But if you decide to custom order off this site then they will need to provide personal information to the online retailers. If there’s something that you want that doesn’t offer, you can make a custom request from any of the approved vendors for eShop Cards.

Need help, contact us?

If you still would like some help or have any questions you can reach me here! This amazing website connects everyone up with a mentor which will assist you on getting eShop Cards. Highlight the Contacts link within the black bar above the chat box popup. If you would like to be a mentor and earn even more for helping out, you can ask the staff once you’ve ranked up to senior.

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