Minecraft Mine Chest

Get a 100% Free Minecraft Mine Chest Subscription Box

What is Mine Chest?

Mine Chest is a bundle of hand-picked, official, Minecraft goodies, delivered right to your doorstep each month. They come in a unique chest that you won’t get anywhere else.

What’s inside a Mine Chest?

Exactly what’s included each month is a closely-guarded secret, but expect an exclusive t-shirt every month, exclusive items, a premium collectible chest, a unique project, and a selection of official collectibles from official Minecraft vendors. Some items will be things you’ve never seen before and others might be some classic items you’ve always wanted. Each month is a different theme and we’ll never ship the same item to you twice.

What if my Mine Chest gets blown up by a creeper?!

Please do not be afraid..this is not possible.

How will I get billed for this?

Ordering a Free Mine Chest subscription is easy! There are 4 million other gamers like you who want to earn many freebies for different purposes. Just click Join Today!

Step 1: Fill out the new user form below and wait for an invite by email address.

Step 2: Take a few minutes of your time to complete some incentives and then check your balance at the top right of your screen, afterwards head over to the “Redeem” tab and choose: Gift Cards, Game Codes, Custom Request, and Cashout.