I found a way to get free steam cards by using this really cool website called Rewards1. You’re probably thinking that this site is fake but it’s not fake! I’ve been using this website for a while and I’ve earned a $20 steam card from it. Rewards1 is a website you use for free and it gives you money for doing surveys and offers then you can use that money for redeeming a steam card which is super easy! You can get more than just steam cards on this website, you can get other gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, League Of Legends, and more!

Where do I get started?

You can create your account by clicking the link or sign up form below. If you clicked the link you’ll be redirected to the Rewards1 website. You get to choose your username and password then you then need to put in an email address that you use, preferably your main email. Then they will send you an email that you have to confirm so they know its your email, once that process is finished you can start earning by doing surveys and offers. At first when you sign up it may be hard to navigate through the website but luckily there is a live chat section where you can ask all kinds of questions. You can also go to the forums section to get information aswell. If you use this website everyday, I guarantee you’ll be able to get a steam card within 3 days!



Click here to sign up or use the form below!


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