Free Smite Gems!

Hey guys, I am going to tell you the fastest and easiest way to get Free Gems inside of Smite. Before I do get started I would like to say I’ve gotten over $180 worth of rewards from this website. Everything I’m saying in this guide works, I’ve done it and you can too. You can earn Free Smite Gems by doing simple surveys and offers, 100% completely Free.

What is SMITE?

Smite is a 3rd person arena MOBA video game by Hi-Rez Studios for PC and Xbox One. In Smite, players play as gods and shit.

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What are Smite GEMS?

I have used Smite Gems to get skins and characters in the game along with other in game items.

How this Works?

You may have already noticed Smite has its own built in offer wall to get free gems but with this website you make an account to track your earning to get anything you want online. Rewards1 is a very easy way to earn Free Smite gems which can be used as virtual currency in-game.

  • 1. Visit Rewards1
    2. Sign up
    3. Verify account with Confirmation Email
    4. Login
    5. Complete Recommended links below
    6. Continue to account balance
    7. Select Redeem Option
    8. Get Free Smite Gems

How to earn?

Rewards1 is a very easy to use website and after you have made enough you’ll be able to get gift code rewards instantly! As you can see below I’ve provided a couple links to help you start but even more options can be found under the EARN tab, survey,offers,coin offers.

Daily surveys they are all very simple you can complete as many as you want as they never run out! Go to Your Surveys under the surveys tab and you will get quick cash every survey. I do a lot of Research for Good they always have the highest payout surveys and if they run out you can clear your browser cache and start over getting even more!

I would recommend you do this Survey

Honestly they have so much points offer and it’s so easy to do you’ll have your gems sooner than you think! I really want to show you guys this incredible offer as I’m sure you will be amazed at how much you can earn. Also keep an eye on the offer walls you will find easy high point offers once in awhile.

I would recommend you do Offer


They have contests for free points often and you can win thousands of points instantly!

What can you redeem?

This is amazing site that makes it easy to get whatever in game rewards you want from any game out there. Basically everything like game codes and gift cards for the most popular online shopping sites! Hopefully you all can redeem a gift card and get whatever you need.

How to get Smite gems?

Once you earn 500 points get a $5 virtual currency gift card which you can use in smite for gems. If you want something off amazon worth $15 you just need to make 1500 points!

Here is proof! I could write all day about this but simply the members on the forums and official testimonial wall should speak for itself.

Need more Help?

I would like to mention that everyone is really friendly and willing to help out and the staff is quick to answer any questions or help with any problem. This is legal there is nothing shady about this site at all. They make it easy to earn and to redeem points/cash.

If you have any question, feel free to e-mail me


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Create your own account and you can earn rewards! Just use the simple form below and you should be redirected to where you can start earning your freebies. Remember that you need to be at least 13 years old to sign up!

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Be sure to sign up today! You are not being forced to sign up, however, but you will receive a higher status on the site if you sign up sooner rather than later (more on ranks later on). Also, please remember that this is 100% legit! You can view the featured testimonials of many prizes at this link if you need even more reassurance.