How to get Clash Royale for FREE

welcome guys! Here with another brand new clash Royale method to get some free real legit gems. Last couple of days there have been dozens and dozens of people asking me, every single one guys and trust me this is the quickest way to do it. some of you may love it and some of you may not like it as much. Click the first link which is going to take you straight to sign up page.

Lets Get Started!

if you simply click on the link above it takes a 30 seconds to a minute to create a legit account. You will be sent a confirmation email message to verify the account. I’m going to be one hundred percent transparent and honest with you guys it’s going to take you at least 15 to 20 minutes to get enought points for a Google Play Gift Card. You’re gonna need to complete at least 15 to 20 surveys and offers depending on how many points you receive sometimes it can take a little bit longer i’m not gonna lie to you guys.

Gets a FREE Google Play Gift Card!

I would suggest going for the ten dollar Clash Royale gift card guys don’t go for five dollars as it really isn’t that much so once you’ve ordered your card cash perhaps we’ll deliver it to your email address usually within six to 12 hours they are extremely efficient I’ve even received cards before in 30 minutes guys who expect them to be very quick at delivering your free codes so that is the quickest method.

I’ve tested out every single one of them there is no quick way to get free gems inside of this game or any other game.

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