Hey guys you want dat beast itunes card?

I found this sick site you can get all the lovely game cards for pokemon go for free! I been on this website for around a year and love it. I am only telling you about this site casue it’s legit. Rewards1.com

Dude this website I have found many other Pokemon go players on, just the other day I seen someone redeem $25 itunes Gift Card. I was jealous but it also motivated me to try hard to earn cash and points on Rewards1.com. You know what I really want to catch in Pokemon Go app is a Abomasnow. Apparently they are rare and will require a lot of Pokecoins. I want you guys to join R1 website right now.

He showed me around the site and how easy it was to earn points and redeem rewards. Because I wanted more lucky eggs, I immediately signed up and you can use this sign up form below as well. P O K E M O N G O 4 E V E R