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How to Use Pocket MapleStory Codes?

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Pocket Maplestory Codes

Pocket Maplestory Codes

The World of Pocket MapleStory bases its background on the future of the original MapleStory, so you will definitely find some familiar faces there.

The three initial playable characters – ANGELIC BUSTER, DUAL BLADE, DEMON SLAYER – will begin their topsy-turvy adventure in individual environments to ultimately become heroes/heroines, as they learn about the true meanings of friendship, love, and justice.


Angelic Buster Tear” – a Novan Angelic Buster – not only does she look like a Nova, but is also incapable of using magic as all Novas (id for all generations, which gives her the title ‘mutant.’ One day, a crisis befalls the Novas, and as Tear attempts to save the relic, a mirade presents itself – she absorbs it! As she gets barished from the village by the Novan elder’s orders to retrieve the relic, Tear beg‘ns to realize her special abilities to manipulate the powers of the relic and communicate with Ancient Dragons. For Novas, and for her friendship with an old Kaiser friend, Tear devotes her best efforts to grow up to be an extlaordinary Angelic Buster.

Dual Blade”  Born in the back alleys of Kerning Qty,  Arang – a Dual Blade – is raised by Shadow Blade to become a Black Wing assassin. Through hundreds of incidents, he realizes that his idea of justice doesn’t conform with that of the Black Wings, and discovers within confusion the truth behind the death of his parents. As he encounters many other heroes while fighting against the Black \Mngs (even though he is raised to become one), Arang feels in himself justice beyond his vengeance.  As it so happens, the Black Wings seek rebellion to possess the Kingdom, while Arang discerns the treacherous act and confronts the inevitable  final battle.

Demon Slayer” Hundreds of years ago, Aliyah suffers a defeat by Arkarium and enters the Temple of Time to travel through time to arrive at the future. Her one and only objective is to revenge against Arkarium, but the future world seems too eerie and unfamiliar to her. Aliyah awakers to become 3 Demon Slayer and constantly trains her powers while awaiting the day of glory to fight Arkarium. Meanwhile, Arkarium attempts to regain his powers sealed for a hundred years by leading a the Black Wing legion, and using black magic at The Warrior’s Tombs to summon Homtail. \Mll Aliyah see victory in her fatal battie against Arkarium?

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