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Hey what’s up gamers? I’m sure you’re aware it’s possible to collect over 100 new cosmetic items from Overwatch Summer Games 2016 Loot Boxes including, themed sprays, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, player icons and rare skins. The special seasonal items are guaranteed to drop at least one item per loot box but the frustrating part is when you open a box you earned from playing and it reveals a duplicate you already own. These items are meant to be rare so many players will end up opening there Battle.net wallets to purchase more Loot Boxes for a chance before they are gone. Good news I have already been able to get 50 + 2 + 24 = 76 Loot Boxes for free and you can too.

How to get Summer Games Overwatch Loots Boxes for Free?
Even if this particular event is over by the time you read this post you should still be able to earn a Battle.net gift card for free. I have done this on multiple occasions and even doing a cashed out of PayPal to purchase game titles to expand my library. Yes, this might sound suspicious but it’s entirely possible to get what you want by completing offers and surveys online.

What’s the catch?
If I had to be perfectly honest most of the bad reviews the site has ever gotten is from people that are not from countries that sponsors are looking to advertise their product to or the demographic they wish to collect information from. Nothing is wrong with Rewards1.com beside it taking a little bit of effort to learn. Seriously once you get into the cycle of using this website regularly you should be able to earn passive income continuously by only spending 20 minutes or less day. The most predominant countries to get free Overwatch battle.net gift cards on are USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

How do I get started?
Well with all legitimate sites you have to register and after registration confirm your email and this way if you ever locked out of your account you can recover your login details. Just a quick reminder you don’t only get free battle.net gift cards you can get other rewards too. Any money you earn on this website can get redeemed for basically anything sold online. Next you will want to login and complete the beginners quest to get a sweet bonus. The secret to earning on Rewards1 is to locate the recently credited feed on the homepage. This feed shows all the successfully completed offers from other members on the website, meaning attempting these offers and surveys give you a very high chance of crediting as well.

Where are the Battle.net Gift Cards?
Once you have earned the correct amount you can navigate to the redemption page of code rewards to claim the prize. These digital codes usually take 0 to 3 days to be sent by email and can improve in delivery time just by improving your trust level. Rank up on Rewards1.com can be easily achieved by redeeming more prizes and eventually you’ll be able to unlock instant claim perk.

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