What are Pokecoins?
Pokecoins are is the virual currency used in Pokemon Go. You pay for items with ‘Pokecoins’ which can be earned slowly in-game or pay real-world money to secure bagfuls of Pokecoins. Pokemon Go items such as Pokeballs, Great balls, Ultra balls, Master balls, Lucky Eggs, Pokemon eggs, Potions, Hyper Potions, Max Potions, Lure modules, Incense, Razz berries, Egg incubator, Camera, Revive, Max revive, Bag (upgrade), Pokemon storage upgrade,

Do you want the rarest Pokemon?
Capturing a rare Pokemon will require a lot of items and time sunk into the game. You will no doubt a higher level and draining all your resources to find a them. So imagine missing the opportunity because you wasted all your goodies on common pokemon.

How to get free Pokecoins for Pokemon Go?
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How do I start?
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